Since 2014, the interdisciplinary team of INZEB has long and solid experience in a wide range of European programmes and projects. Our expertise on energy efficient buildings and the built environment, energy efficiency financing, energy poverty and energy communities, gained over several years of active participation in national and European research projects, allows INZEB to provide valuable consultancy and support services.

INZEB’s respond to emerging challenges and opportunities in the rapidly evolving field of energy is consisted of comprehensive structured energy policy approaches and planning.

Through its broad experience on energy related projects and initiatives, INZEB coordinates tasks, activities and discussions regarding policy analysis, feasibility studies, short and long-term planning, and response strategies for addressing energy efficiency management in conjunction with green finance.

Concurrently with project management, INZEB provides appropriate tools and methods for analysing and assessing energy efficiency investments to attract and mobilise private funding on energy efficiency projects. Furthermore, public, and local authorities, financial institutions, energy companies, ESCOs with the appropriate framework, methods, and tools to identify and exploit sustainable investment opportunities and minimise any related risks.

Within the potential framework for effective energy planning and assessment that INZEB offers, market research and feasibility studies are essential tools and components for a proficient project management.

The last 7 years INZEB has built a broad European network which is constantly empowered from INZEB’s participation in various “fora”, and from INZEB having the representation of other European networks in Greece – as Renovalue (insert link). This valuable network provides INZEB access in information, tools and collaborations that are being exploited efficiently in all of the current tasks.

Our latest, publicly available feasibility study and market research publications are:

–  the “Feasibility Study with an Assessment of Options as well as Recommendations for the Establishment of one or more National Certification Scheme(s) or Equivalent Qualification Scheme(s) for Installers of Small-Scale RES Technologies and Energy-Related Building Elements in Greece”  released in December 2020, prepared by INZEB for GIZ GmbH in the context of the project “Technical Support for Clean Energy Investments in Greece” (TARES4) with financing from the European Commission and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

– the Market Research report Completed set of general solutions for renewable energy cooperatives in BULGARIA – CZECH REPUBLIC – GREECE – National Contexts for energy communities”, released in April 2021, prepared by Center for Energy Efficiency EnEffect (Bulgaria), SEVEn (Czech Republic), and INZEB (Greece), in the context of the Congregate project which is part of the European Climate Initiative (EUKI) of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU).

Exploitation is cooperation, continuous development, project results utilisation and incorporation to training systems and practices, and behind that is an effective and coherent strategy set for the effective exploitation of project outcomes followed by the impact analysis.

INZEB establishes and maintains the suitable framework for effective exploitation and coordinate all levels and types of exploitation of the knowledge produced, ensuring sustainability and that information is shared with appropriate audiences on a timely basis and by the most effective means.

The success of most energy projects is closely related to the Stakeholder Engagement and Management and to the importance of engaging a wide spectrum of key stakeholders. ΙΝΖΕΒ is using a broad variety of digital tools available to facilitate such engagement, as a well-structured and successful stakeholder engagement process requires a clear perception on who the relevant stakeholders are and how and why they may wish to engage with the project. This evolving process is based on the identification, the analysis, and the prioritisation of the stakeholders. For the visualisation and better understanding of stakeholder relations advanced tools are applied.

Partnerships that have been developed with the academic community as well as with individual research and development bodies operating in the wider sphere of energy provision of technical support and consultation services, have advanced INZEB’s outreach and engagement. Close collaborations and synergies with the majority of the national stakeholders, both from the public and private sector, have also been established, as well as with EU institutions.

More specifically, INZEB’s synergies include the Renovate Europe Campaign, the European Alliance to Save Energy, the Coalition for Energy Savings, as INZEB is the national partner for Greece for these organisations.

At national level, INZEB has promoted and engaged various associated organisations, academia, representatives of national and regional authorities working directly or indirectly in the energy sector. These organisations include the Heinrich Boell Stiftung Greece, the Consumers Associations-EKPIZO, energy cooperatives as the Electra Energy, the Association of Female Entrepreneurs and Greenpeace Greece, CRES and NTUA.

As the energy sector is one of the most evolving pillars of growth, competitiveness, and development for modern economies, INZEB in cooperation with national and EU organisations formulates policy recommendations in every field of its expertise.

For the last 4 years, INZEB is working in a dedicated way for energy poverty mitigation in Greece, having co-published two policy recommendations with specific proposals to address the phenomenon, while recently 1.000 households have been interviewed across the country aiming to identify the households’ awareness level and needs.

Delve into INZEB’s policy recommendations on energy poverty (Link here) and (Link here) and discover how energy poverty can be highlighted and alleviated by a systematic holistic response by policymakers, organisations, and the civil society.

INZEB has a significant track record in the planning and development of communication and dissemination strategies, the implementation of communication activities, social networks management and event organisation.

Based on our valuable gained experience in working with EU funded projects and our understanding of the complexities of the EU Institutions, INZEB conducts and implements Communication and Dissemination strategies focused on the support and the implementation of the key objectives of energy projects, while at the same time pursuing the engagement with targeted stakeholders and communities and further dissemination.

Policy roundtable discussions and events related to the fields of our activities are organised regularly at national, European, and international level. Have a look at our upcoming events here, stay tuned and join us.

If you are interested in cooperating with us, or need more information about our services and expertise, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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