Wrap-up of INZEB’s trip at Thessaloniki

INZEB had a 3-day trip to Thessaloniki, Greece full of activities in different events, interacting with people from all over the world coming from various backgrounds, by sharing ideas and opinions, addressing issues regarding energy poverty and energy transition, and learn more from other countries’ good practices, which may be replicable in Greece.

INZEB was among the co-organisers of the Summer School, organised by EUCENA and Compile projects. Specifically, INZEB presented the phenomenon of energy poverty in Europe and the importance of engaging municipalities to tackle the phenomenon, in the Session P2.1 “Energy Poverty”, on Tuesday 28 June 2022, while also contributing to other parallel sessions by sharing ideas based on the experience and taking part in interactive sessions as well, that were taking place within the framework of the Summer School.

On Wednesday 29 June 2022, INZEB team attended the conference “Re-think! Ideas Forum”, of the 2-day event which was organised on the context of the 10th anniversary of the Heinrich Boell Stiftung Foundation (HBSF), Thessaloniki Office, Greece. INZEB celebrated alongside HBSF Thessaloniki Office, Greece and presented at the panel session “Paving the way for Energy Democracy”, showcasing the phenomenon of energy poverty, the social stigma it may be for some people and the need to identify energy as a social good that should be available for all.

At the same day INZEB took the opportunity and organised a gathering with all the Energy Supporters and Mentors network, based in northern Greece, certified by INZEB’s training programmes, in the framework of the H2020 POWERPOOR project. The aspect of this gathering was to discuss in person with them about the project developments and also to give them the chance to talk about their experiences, the challenges they have faced, search for solutions together and explore future activities that can be implemented.

Finally, on Thursday 30 June 2022, the 3-day trip of INZEB’s team at Thessaloniki, was concluded at the 3rd day of Summer School, joining the visit to the PV park of the Energy Community WEnCoop, at Kassandra, Halkidiki, in which Alice Corovessi, Managing Director of INZEB is Vice President and was carried out in the framework of the Summer School. There, Alice Corovessi and Sofia Topi, member of the Board of Directors of WEnCoop, shared information about the implementation of the PV park, what was the process to accomplish that and what are the benefits gained for the members of the energy community.

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