Upgraded Buildings – conference 2021

The Greek Ministry of the Environment and Energy launched a new funding programme for the renovation of household buildings according to the National Plan for increasing the number of nearly zero energy buildings. The new programme promotes not only creative reconstruction works, but also the incorporation of smart systems and EV charging stations leading to truly upgraded buildings!

Upgraded Buildings conference 2021 presents the novel technologies and latest trends in the field of renewable energy production, energy saving and smart systems application in residential buildings of Greece.

Some of the topics that will be discussed during the conference are:

• “Saving energy at Home- Getting Independent” programme of the Greek Ministry for the Environment and Energy, additional funding due to the current pandemic situation
• Financing possibilities and support via institutions, e.g. the Hellenic Development Bank
• Renewable energy, energy production and storage
• Upgrading after saving, nearly zero energy buildings, upgrading lightning and elevators in apartment buildings.

Alice Corovessi, Managing Director, INZEB, will be among the speakers of the conference.

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