Study Tours in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and Greece

INZEB will be hosting the CONGREGATE Study Tour in Thessaloniki, on Friday 30th of September 2022. The aim of the Study Tour is to present project achievements but also discuss the relationship between municipalities and community energy with representatives from the cooperating municipalities in Bulgaria, Greece, and Czech Republic.

Through this, representatives of the beneficiary municipalities from Greece, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic will gather to exchange ideas and best practices, present project achievements, discussing also, how community energy can operate at a municipal level.

The first Study Tour took place in Burgas, Bulgaria, on Tuesday 30 August 2022, wich aimed to develop synergies among the different municipalities. The following Study Tour will be in Thessaloniki, as mentioned above, while the last stop for the Study Tour will be in Czech Republic, in mid-November.

Stay tuned for more

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