Residential Energy Efficiency Community of Practice (CoP) meeting

INZEB, is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming Residential Energy Efficiency Community of Practice (CoP) meeting. The event is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 23rd May 2023, alongside the highly anticipated C4E Forum activities in Šamorín, Slovakia.

The CoP meeting promises to be an inspiring gathering, offering a platform for professionals and experts to share insights and knowledge on various topics related to energy efficiency in residential settings. INZEB will be actively involved in the event, contributing valuable expertise gained through their energy poverty diagnosis efforts in Greece.

One of the key sessions at the meeting will focus on the introduction and utilisation of energy efficiency potential within the residential multi-apartment building stock. This session aims to explore innovative approaches and strategies to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption in this sector. INZEB’s presence will provide participants with the opportunity to learn from their experience and gain valuable insights into effective energy-saving practices.

Another important aspect that will be discussed is the mapping of Residential Energy Efficiency (REE) efforts on a municipal level. This session will delve into the process of translating research findings into actionable initiatives, ultimately contributing to the implementation of energy efficiency measures in communities. INZEB’s involvement in this discussion will shed light on successful approaches to transforming research outcomes into tangible actions at the local level.

Furthermore, the CoP meeting will address the crucial topic of translating energy efficiency efforts into national and European Union (EU) policy-level actions. This session aims to explore the link between on-the-ground initiatives and broader policy frameworks, with a focus on driving positive change at a regional and national scale. INZEB will share their expertise on navigating policy landscapes and offer valuable insights into aligning energy efficiency efforts with larger policy objectives. As a renowned advocate for sustainable living, INZEB is honored to contribute to this esteemed event once again. Their previous participation in CoP meetings has consistently provided valuable knowledge and inspired fruitful discussions among attendees. INZEB’s presentation on energy poverty diagnosis lessons learned in Greece is expected to further enrich the discussions and offer practical solutions to addressing this pressing issue.

The Residential Energy Efficiency Community of Practice meeting promises to be a significant milestone in advancing energy efficiency efforts. By bringing together experts, policymakers, and practitioners, this event will foster collaboration and inspire the development of innovative solutions for creating sustainable and energy-efficient communities.

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