The energy crisis we are facing in our country and across EU, has left citizens facing inflated energy bills that most of them cannot afford. At the same time and in addition to the financial burden of energy bills, there is also the psychological burden, since the bills are usually incomprehensible and not clear to read and understand, burdening households with additional costs, which do not correspond to energy providers and consumption. According to EKPIZO, for the case of Greece, in an electricity bill, 7 out of 10 charges are unrelated to the household’s electricity consumption.


In this context, INZEB, Heinrich Boell Stiftung Foundation, Thessaloniki, Greece, the Consumers’ Association EKPIZO and the European Consumer Organisation BEUC, published a report on “Clean” Energy Bills for all citizens in the EU.


The report, through a survey that was conducted by INZEB, Heinrich Boell Stiftung Foundation and EKPIZO, was answered by experts across EU and explains the format that energy bills should have, so that they are understandable, without additional charges that do not correspond to energy consumption, such as, for example, municipal charges, TV costs, social tariff-related costs etc.
Moreover, the report presents similarities and differences between 25 countries of the EU regarding the energy bills, pointing also templates of energy bills from other countries, as a good example that could be replicable in other countries too.


The report is available in english and you may download it below.

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