Promoting Energy Efficiency for Low-Income Households: INZEB’s Valuable Contribution at C4E Forum 2023

Alice Corovessi, the Managing Director of INZEB, will be at the highly anticipated C4E Forum 2023. The session she will be presenting, titled “Means and Measures to Support Energy Efficiency of Low-Income Households”, holds immense importance in our collective pursuit of creating a more sustainable and inclusive future.

INZEB, in collaboration with Heinrich Boell Stiftung Foundation, Thessaloniki, Greece, the Consumers’ Association EKPIZO, and the European Consumer Organisation BEUC, has recently published a groundbreaking report titled “Clean” Energy Bills for all citizens in the EU. This report addresses the need for transparent and fair energy billing practices, particularly concerning low-income households.

Through an extensive survey conducted by INZEB, Heinrich Boell Stiftung Foundation, and EKPIZO, experts from across the European Union have provided valuable insights. The report emphasises the importance of energy bills that are easily comprehensible and free from extraneous charges unrelated to energy consumption, such as municipal charges, TV costs, and social tariff-related expenses. Furthermore, the report highlights both the similarities and differences in energy billing practices among 25 EU countries. It also presents templates of energy bills from other countries, showcasing successful examples that can be replicated elsewhere.

Alice Corovessi’s presence at the C4E Forum 2023 serves as a testament to INZEB’s dedication to promoting energy efficiency and equitable energy access. Her expertise and contributions will undoubtedly contribute to fruitful discussions, fostering the development of practical solutions to address the challenges faced by low-income households.

INZEB is proud to be at the forefront of such vital initiatives, striving to create positive change in the energy sector. We remain committed to our mission of disseminating knowledge, advocating for sustainable practices, and empowering individuals and communities to make informed decisions.

Follow us as we share updates from the C4E Forum 2023 and join us in celebrating Alice Corovessi’s impactful participation at this prestigious event. For more info on the C4E Forum 2023, agenda and registration links, click here.

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