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The relationship between business, the creative process, and comprehensive well-being (social, economic, health, or environmental) is what sustainable entrepreneurship is all about. New sustainable economic production models are still required for sustainable entrepreneurship. The notion of longevity, ensuring long-lasting products, values, or services, is a common ground between entrepreneurship and sustainability: protecting current resources for future generations (sustainability) and producing distinctive long-term solutions (entrepreneurship).

The “GreenComp Enterprises” project aims to develop the skills and competences of entrepreneurs and startuppers in sustainable entrepreneurship, boosting them to create their sustainable enterprises, and enhancing the production of eco-friendly products.

This will be achieved by the creation of innovative learning materials and the implementation of hybrid training activities. Moreover, through individual mentoring, the project will encourage startuppers to put into practice their eco-innovative idea. The learning materials will include all sectors of sustainable entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship, social sustainability, environmental sustainability), and through the expertise of the partners, the piloting of the materials, and the development of a digital tool for sustainable entrepreneurship learning, we expect to develop adult learning opportunities of high quality and accessible to a plethora of people.

The project will provide its services in Denmark, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, and Sweden.

The role of INZEB

INZEB is the national partner for Greece contributing to the design and delivery of all project activities. The activities include – among others – the formation of a national focus group that will support the project implementation, the creation of training modules, the organisation of training activities, and peer-to-peer mentoring for start-uppers and entrepreneurs.
In addition, INZEB is leading the Communication and Dissemination work package. Τailored campaigns will be designed and implemented with the support of all project partners to engage the start-up and entrepreneurial community in the various project activities and maximise the impact of the project not only in the six participating countries but across Europe as well.

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