POWERPOOR Training Programme Energy Supporters & Mentors – Webinar

We are excited to announce that the POWERPOOR project is entering its last year of lifespan, and we have one final Energy Supporters and Mentors training programme lined up for Tuesday, 28 February 2023, at 12:30 – 17:00 EET. This programme, organised by INZEB with the support of NTUA and SUST, will be conducted as a webinar on the Zoom platform, making it accessible to interested individuals from anywhere in Greece, as it will be held in Greek language.

The POWERPOOR project, within the framework of Horizon 2020, has been dedicated to providing sustainable energy solutions, with a particular focus on improving the lives of those living in energy poverty. The Energy Supporters and Mentors training programme has been a crucial aspect of this project, aimed at equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to promote sustainable energy solutions and support the growth of clean energy projects in their local communities. Upon completing the training programme, you will have the opportunity to undergo a certification process. Successful candidates will be eligible to engage with energy-poor citizens, recognising the issue, and providing them with advice and support.

The upcoming training programme is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in renewable energy, sustainability, and community development to get involved and become a part of this worthwhile cause. The training programme will cover a range of topics, including energy poverty, energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies, and community engagement strategies.

Τhe programme will be conducted entirely online, allowing participants to join in from anywhere in Greece. This is a fantastic opportunity for people to learn from experts in the field and gain valuable insights into how they can support the growth of sustainable energy in their local communities.

We encourage all interested individuals to register for the Energy Supporters and Mentors training programme and become a part of this exciting network as we enter the final year of the POWERPOOR project.

Register, here!

You may also, download the agenda, here.

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