Memoranda of Cooperation between INZEB and 3 Municipalities of Greece, in the context of CONGREGATE Project

INZEB as partner and representative of the CONGREGATE project in Greece, will prepare a feasibility study -in the context of the project- for the development and operation of Energy Communities (ECs) for 3 municipalities in Greece, to support these municipalities and consequently the wider local community.

The 3 municipalities selected in this context and after extensive communication of INZEB with candidate municipalities, are:

  • Municipality of Egaleo, Attica
  • Municipality of Pavlos Melas, Thessaloniki
  • Municipality of Farsala, Larisa

In October, the memoranda of cooperation between INZEB and the three selected municipalities, were signed for the elaboration of the feasibility studies.

Τhe memoranda of cooperation were signed by:

  • On behalf of the Municipality of Egaleo, the Mayor, Mr. Giannis Gkikas.
  • On behalf of the Municipality of Pavlos Melas, the Mayor, Mr. Dimitrios Demourtzidis.
  • On behalf of the Municipality of Farsala, the Mayor, Mr. Iordanis Eskioglou
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