INZEB’s Role as Country Coordinator for Greece in the European Climate Pact – Featured in HeDA Business Review

In the fall edition of HeDA Business Review (October 2023), INZEB proudly highlights its significant involvement as the Country Coordinator for Greece of the European Climate Pact. As a vital component of the European Green Deal, this initiative spearheaded by the European Commission aims to inspire proactive citizen action in addressing climate-related challenges.

INZEB’s pivotal role in the Climate Pact involves coordinating activities within Greece, collaborating with Climate Pact Ambassadors, and engaging with a broad network to nurture and expand climate action at the local level. The European Climate Pact serves as a platform for individuals and organisations, irrespective of their current progress in climate initiatives, uniting efforts toward a sustainable Europe.

This article explores INZEB’s commitment to fostering meaningful change in the context of the European Climate Pact, showcasing its dedication to catalysing impactful climate action.

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