INZEB Takes Part in a Critical Webinar to Discuss Energy Poverty Solutions

Energy poverty remains a pressing concern in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) and Southern European (SE) region, especially after the unprecedented crisis experienced in 2022. As highlighted by the European Environmental Bureau, the CEE countries have lagged behind their Western European counterparts in adopting effective energy-saving measures, making their populations more vulnerable to energy poverty. The recent events surrounding the Russian invasion of Ukraine have further emphasised the need for reducing gas dependence and incentivising energy efficiency improvements among consumers.

To address this urgent issue, INZEB, alongside other regional and international institutions, will participate in a Zoom webinar, titled “Energy Crisis in CEE/SE Region: How to Ensure Homeowners are Better Prepared for Next Winter?” This webinar, scheduled for June 14th, 2023, from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM CEST, aims to analyse the challenges faced by homeowners in multi-apartment buildings and explore potential solutions to protect vulnerable groups from the cold and rising energy costs.

The event will gather a diverse range of attendees, including practitioners working in residential energy efficiency and energy poverty, policymakers, government representatives, consumer organisations, and homeowners. By fostering dialogue and sharing knowledge, this webinar offers participants an invaluable opportunity to contribute to the discussion and shape future actions. The agenda for the webinar includes three presentations that shed light on the past winter in the CEE/SE region, focusing on energy prices, affordability, and homeowners’ comfort levels. These presentations will draw insights from Bruegel’s recent report, assessing how CEE/SE governments responded to the energy crisis and highlighting valuable lessons learned from the region.

Additionally, a panel discussion and Q&A session will gather experts from various fields, such as residential energy efficiency, policy-making, and government representation. The panelists, including Giovanni Sgaravatti from Bruegel, Hanna Szemzo from MRI, Alice Corovessi from INZEB, Veronika Jirickova from DG ENER, and Talia Brun Marcen from CINEA, will explore the challenges posed by energy poverty in the CEE/SE region. They will delve into the strategies employed by homeowners, the effectiveness of policy responses by local and national governments, and whether these measures were sufficient to address the higher rates of energy poverty observed in some countries.

By the end of the webinar, concrete recommendations for further measures to tackle energy poverty in multi-apartment buildings will be formulated. These recommendations will be based on the experiences shared and the discussions held during the event. The goal is to foster collaboration between stakeholders and drive actionable solutions that enhance energy efficiency, affordability, and comfort for homeowners in the CEE/SE region.

INZEB is proud to take part in this critical initiative, aligning with the European Union’s interests and demonstrating its commitment to addressing energy poverty. As an organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable buildings and energy efficiency, INZEB recognises the urgent need for coordinated efforts to ensure that vulnerable communities are adequately prepared for the challenges of the upcoming winter. We encourage all stakeholders, including homeowners, policymakers, and practitioners in the field, to attend this webinar and contribute their expertise to the discussion. Together, we can make a significant difference in reducing energy poverty and creating a more resilient and sustainable future for the CEE/SE region.

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