INZEB is Country Coordinator for Greece of the European Climate Pact

We are pleased to announce that INZEB has taken on the role of Country Coordinator for Greece within the framework of the European Climate Pact. This significant initiative, launched by the European Commission as an integral part of the European Green Deal, is intended to inspire citizens to take proactive measures in addressing climate issues. In our capacity as Country Coordinators, we are committed to conducting Climate Pact activities within Greece, collaborating closely with Climate Pact Ambassadors, and engaging with the broader Climate Pact community to nurture and amplify climate action at the local level.

The European Climate Pact represents a collective movement, bringing together individuals who share a common objective – each person taking meaningful actions within their respective spheres to contribute to the development of a more sustainable Europe. Conceived and initiated by the European Commission, the Pact forms an essential component of the European Green Deal, designed to assist the European Union in achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

Every individual and organisation have a significant role to fulfil within the Pact, irrespective of whether they are just beginning their path toward climate action or have already been dedicated to creating a positive influence in their respective spheres. Participation is extended to both individuals and organisations, encompassing cities, communities, and associations.

The Climate Pact offers a unique opportunity to engage in climate action on a pan-European scale. It serves as a platform for:

  • The exchange of information and the sharing of knowledge related to climate change.
  • The development and implementation of innovative solutions.
  • The establishment of meaningful connections with like-minded individuals and organisations, thereby amplifying the impact of collective efforts.

As our community continues to grow, the scope of the Pact’s activities will expand accordingly. We encourage you to regularly visit our website or refer to the European Climate Pact website for the latest updates and opportunities for involvement.

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