INZEB highlights the importance of Building Renovation Passports in Metropolitan College lecture

INZEB, an energy research organisation, recently participated in the online lecture at Metropolitan College in Athens. The lecture focused on energy-related issues in general, and INZEB’s Managing Director, Alice Corovessi, represented the organisation during the event.

During the lecture, Alice Corovessi highlighted the importance of Building Renovation Passports in the context of the iBRoad2EPC project. This innovative project aims to enhance the energy performance of buildings in Europe by incorporating Building Renovation Passport elements into Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) schemes, providing consumers with vital information about the energy efficiency and renovation potential of their properties. The ultimate goal is to enhance the reliability, usefulness, and effectiveness of these certificates, thus ushering in the next generation of EPCs that will support Europe’s decarbonisation ambitions while improving the living conditions for building occupants.

As part of INZEB’s commitment to promoting sustainable energy practices, the organisation has been actively involved in the iBRoad2EPC project, as national project partner. By supporting this initiative, INZEB hopes to empower consumers to make well-informed decisions regarding building renovations, ultimately contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for Europe.

INZEB’s participation in the Metropolitan College lecture underscores the organisation’s dedication to promoting energy awareness and innovation in the field of building renovations. Through initiatives like the iBRoad2EPC project, INZEB is actively working to facilitate a more sustainable approach to building renovations, benefiting both individual homeowners and the broader community.

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