Habitat for Humanity Macedonia and Habitat for Humanity International Europe and Middle East are co-organising the two-day, online webinar Energy Efficiency and Residential Buildings Management in Central and Eastern Europe, Analytical approach in scaling up renovation of multi-apartment buildings, which will take place on the 1st and 2nd of June 2022, within the framework of the REELIH project.  

On the first day of the webinar there will be a discussion concerning residential energy efficiency in multi-apartment buildings from different perspectives, while on the second day there will be invited professors and authors of studies in the new publication released by Habitat for Humanity Macedonia, which will discuss the topics raised on the first day.

Alice Corovessi, Managing Director, INZEB, will participate on behalf of INZEB, presenting the academic paper concerning the investment in energy-efficient households in Greece, that was co-authored with Dr. Chara Karakosta, Aikaterini Papapostolou and Filippos Dimitrios Mexis.

The webinar is open to anyone interested and you may register here.
You may also download the agenda here.

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