INZEB at Community of Practice Meeting and REELIH Impact Workshop

Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) organises a two-day physical event on April 27th and 28th 2022, to be held in Bratislava.

INZEB will be there represented by Alice Corovessi, Managing Director, INZEB, who will be presenting in the 2nd session of the 1st day of the event “Residential Energy Efficiency Community of Practice”. Her presentation will concern the H2020 SMAFIN project and more specifically, the focus of her presentation will be on the results from national roundtables -implemented uder SMAFIN- in Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania. INZEB is among the consortium partners of SMAFIN.
The agenda of the 1st day is available here.

The 2nd day of the event “REELIH Project Impact Workshop: Sectorial approach to scale up residential energy efficiency in Central and Eastern Europe” will provide a deep dive into the existing and developing financing models for renovation of the multi-apartment buildings bringing up local examples, good practices and remaining bottlenecks. Also, it will focus on how the EU level policymaking is implemented at the national level by discussing the National Building Renovation Strategies as defined by the upcoming Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. Finally, good learnings from the REELIH project implementation during the past ten years will be shared.
The agenda of the 2nd day is available here.

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