Greenwave Festival, Thessaloniki, Greece 

The Greenwave Festival, is taking place in Thessaloniki, Greece from 15 to 17 September 2022, co-organised by the Energy Community of Thessaloniki and the Energy Community of Central Macedonia.

Within this framework, INZEB is invited and will participate, in the session “Energy Communities | A green energy in the hands of citizens“, on Saturday 17 September 2022, at 19.00 EEST
New concepts and practical collective actions that implement general alternative dispositions, will be presented in the session and Alice Corovessi, Managing Director, INZEB, will speak about WEnCoop and other actions for the development of energy communities that are partnerships of municipalities and civil society actors in the framework of the CONGREGATE project.

The members constituting an energy community are an autonomous association of persons who freely and autonomously decide to cooperate in order to satisfy their economic, social and cultural aspirations through a jointly owned and collectively managed open enterprise dedicated to clean energy, understood as production, consumption, saving, conversion, rehabilitation, management, etc. or a combination thereof. In order to promote energy communities, the state has granted certain business advantages. So far, hundreds of energy communities, have been established all over Greece, however, not all of them work as a jointly owned and collectively managed open enterprise.

The event will have invited speakers from civil society, people who participate or support genuine groups that operate collectively and have a double objective: the protection of the environment and the coverage of the energy needs of their members through a renewable energy project.

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