GreenComp: The European Sustainability Competence Framework

The development of a European sustainability competence framework is one of the policy actions set out in the European Green Deal as a catalyst to promote learning on environmental sustainability in the European Union. GreenComp identifies a set of sustainability competences to feed into education programmes to help learners develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that promote ways to think, plan and act with empathy, responsibility, and care for our planet and for public health. The JRC publication on GreenComps is available here.

GreenComp Enterprises. An Erasmus+ project

The “GreenComp Enterprises” project aims to enhance the skills and competences of entrepreneurs and startuppers boosting them to create their sustainable enterprises and promote the production of eco-friendly products.

The aim of the project will be achieved by the creation of innovative learning materials and the implementation of hybrid training programmes while through individual mentoring, the project will encourage startuppers to put into practice their eco-innovative idea.

The learning materials to be developed by the project partners will include all sectors of sustainable entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship, social sustainability, environmental sustainability), and through the expertise of the partners, the piloting of the materials, and the development of a digital tool for sustainable entrepreneurship learning, we expect to develop adult learning opportunities of high quality and accessible to a plethora of people.

The GreenComp Enterprises will work towards achieving six Specific Objectives (SO):

SO1: Enhance the entrepreneurial skills of people holding or eager to create a sustainable enterprise.

SO2: Develop exemplary learning materials for start-uppers and entrepreneurs.

SO3: Foster capacity building through innovative approaches.

SO4: Boost the start-up ecosystem with more sustainable enterprises in the post covid-19 era.

SO5: Fight against climate change by providing guidance for the creation of more sustainable enterprises.

SO6: Promote business sustainability at national and European levels.

GreenComp Enterprises project will provide its services in Denmark, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, and Sweden. For more information, you may visit the project’s website.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. 

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