GONGREGATE’s project partner INZEB Greenlights Feasibility Studies in Greece

The CONGREGATE project, an ambitious initiative promoting the establishment of public-private renewable energy cooperatives in Bulgaria, Greece, and the Czech Republic, has reached a significant milestone in Greece.

Conducting three feasibility studies for establishing public-private renewable energy cooperatives per country, INZEB, the national partner for Greece, has completed and delivered comprehensive feasibility studies for the Egaleo, Pavlos Melas, and Farsala Municipalities. The feasibility studies are grounded in meticulous building data analysis and municipal structure assessment, to empower local communities by fostering sustainable and community-driven renewable energy solutions.

With the feasibility studies completed and handed over to the Mayors’ offices in the respective municipalities, the CONGREGATE project takes a crucial step forward in encouraging the development of renewable energy cooperatives. Notably, the INZEB team also provided in-depth briefings and presentations to the social and technical services of the municipalities, ensuring widespread awareness, and understanding of the potential benefits.

By combining public and private efforts, the CONGREGATE project endeavors to transform the energy landscape and facilitate the transition to cleaner, greener, and more resilient energy systems in Greece.

We invite you to navigate the feasibility studies for Egaleo, Pavlos Melas, and Farsala municipalities by using the buttons below. The feasibility studies are available in the Greek language. A summary of the main findings and proposals for each one of the municipalities is also available in English.

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