First POWERPOOR Training Seminar in Greece

The first training seminar, “Energy Supporters and Mentors“, organised by INZEB in collaboration with the NTUA, is taking place on Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 June 2021, within the framework of the H2020 POWERPOOR project. The training seminar will be held online via ZOOM platform, due to COVID-19.  

POWERPOOR project’s main objective, is to address the phenomenon of energy poverty and support energy poor citizens through the development of support programmes and technological tools, to implement energy efficiency interventions and participate in collaborative initiatives.

The training seminar aims to expand the Energy Supporters and Mentors extensive network, by having more people joining the programme and getting certified, for supporting energy poor households, in order to tackle energy poverty in Europe, specifically in the 8 participating countries of the project, including Greece.

Through the POWERPOOR project’s training seminar, participants will join an extensive European Network of Energy Supporters and Mentors and have the opportunity to work with experts and professionals working on energy and energy poverty issues.

The training seminar will be held in Greek.

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