The Value of Energy Management Practices in the Business Sector


Alice Corovessi Managing Director, INZEB
George Arcadis Member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer of
The Hellenic-Dutch Association of Commerce and Industry (HeDA),
Country Executive, ABN AMRO Bank NV Athens Branch
 Dr Haris Doukas Assoc. Professor NTUA
 Dr Alexandra Papadopoulou Chemical Engineer, NTUA, CEA-I
Giannis Tsonis Technical Operations Director, AΒ Vassilopoulos


For most sectors, energy costs account for 3% of expenditure; however, for energy-intensive industries such as the steel and iron sector, this can be as high as 32%. As energy costs continue to rise and the levels of statutory obligations relating to emissions and climate change increase, effective energy management has become a challenge for many organisations. Energy Management should play a central role in any company’s business strategy.

Improving energy efficiency, not only reduces capital expenditure but offers a number of additional benefits including reduced risk to energy compliance failures, improved facilities performances, increased competitiveness, and ROI.

In this context, INZEB and The Hellenic-Dutch Association of Commerce and Industry (HeDA) are organising on Thursday, October 15, 2020, at 14.00, the online event “The Value of Energy Management Practices in the Business Sector”, which will present and discuss the developments and the benefits of an effective Energy Management System (EnMS) within the organisational structures.

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