Energy Transition: The Role of Local Energy Communities and the Models of Local Energy Ownership

The “Energy Transition: The role of local energy communities and the models of local energy ownership” online workshop is co-organised by EnEffect (BG), SEVEN (CZ), and INZEB (GR), on Wednesday 2 February 2022 at 10.00 – 12.00 CET, within the frame of CONGREGATE project.

The informative online workshop will discuss why community energy, both in terms of energy efficiency and energy production from renewable sources, is considered to be among the key elements supporting, the journey towards a decarbonised EU economy.

Invited Municipalities will discuss with the GONGREGATE beneficiary municipalities the following:

  • What are the drivers for establishing public-private renewable energy cooperatives?
  • Which key actions and recommendations should be suggested to promote collaboration between public and private organisations?
  • What are the successful business models to accelerate the introduction of public-private renewable energy cooperatives?
  • What is needed in terms of capacity building development?


The workshop will be held in English and you may click the button below to register.


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