Education Sessions for Valuation Professionals in Collaboration with RICS

It is among our aims to disseminate gained knowledge and information regarding the trends and developments on energy and sustainability issues. We enjoyed the session designed for and delivered to RICS valuation and real estate professionals that took place on 12 February 2019 in Athens, Greece.


We had the pleasure to present and discuss:

  • How climate change impacts affect Real Estate value(s).
  • The developments on EU energy, renewables, sustainability legislation.
  • The results derived from the Renovalue EU funded project and how to integrate energy efficiency and sustainability factors into valuation processes.
  • The Building Renovation Passports and the iBRoad project, as well as the level(s) reporting framework.


Training session presenters:

Alice Corovessi (INZEB)
Yannis Daskalakis MRICS (Daskalakis & Associates)

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