A Breakfast Roundtable on Energy Efficiency Financing for Care Homes in Greece

On Friday, December 8th, 2023, the TIMA Charitable Foundation, and INZEB, are organising a Breakfast Roundtable event in Athens, Greece. This event serves as a pivotal platform to showcase the Net Zero Care pilot project and address the imperative need for tailored financing schemes to support the energy upgrade and autonomy of nonprofit care homes in the country.


The Breakfast Roundtable will commence, offering a conducive setting for participants to gather. Specifically, the event will feature key stakeholders, including policymakers, financing experts, bank representatives, ESCOs, philanthropy representatives, and civil society organisations, expressing their commitment to the cause.

Following the introductory session, keynote addresses will be delivered by representatives from the Renovate Europe Campaign, underscoring the significance of grouping buildings of common interest for heightened impact, and EnerSave Capital, shedding light on the role of ESCOs in promoting energy efficiency. A Q&A session will encourage open discussions and the exchange of opinions.


The event will progress with presentations from the Ministry of Energy and Environment and an ESCO representative. Markos Komondouros will also present the significance of investing for a purpose. Participant engagement with the speakers will be facilitated, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in financing energy efficiency measures for care homes.

As the event unfolds, attention will shift towards collaborative action. Stakeholders will be encouraged to commit to supporting the transition of care homes and similar structures to net-zero institutions. The roundtable will conclude with a wrap-up session, summarising key insights and outlining specific “next steps” to expand access to funding for the renovation of institutional buildings.


The Breakfast Roundtable will culminate with an opportunity for networking, allowing participants to connect, share ideas, and explore potential collaborations. This event marks a critical step towards achieving the goals outlined in the Renovation Wave and the Net Zero Care project, showcasing the potential for tailored financing schemes to drive positive change in the energy efficiency of care homes in Greece. Through collective action, stakeholders aim to create a sustainable and impactful future for institutions caring for the most vulnerable citizens, aligning with both climate and social objectives.

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