Energy Supporters and Mentors Network – POWERPOOR

INZEB has reached the KPI (Key Performance Indicator), certifying 100 Energy Supporters and Mentors in the framework of the H2020 POWERPOOR project, who aspire to alleviate energy poverty in local and national level. The certified Energy Supporters and Mentors network, cover a large part of Greece, coming from rural, island and urban areas.

The role of an Energy Supporter, through housevisits, is to engage energy poor citizens, enabling them to identify the issue and advise them on behavioural changes or low-cost measures, while the role of an Energy Mentor is to provide support to the energy poor citizens and municipalities to tackle energy poverty.

Energy Supporters and Mentors got the acquired knowledge through the two training seminars held in June and July 2021 and one webinar held in December 2021, organised by INZEB in collaboration with NTUA.

The training material focused on familiarisation with the POWERPOOR Energy Poverty Mitigation Toolkit developed under POWERPOOR project, including the three tools POWER-TARGET, POWER-ACT and POWER-FUND.

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