ENERGY POVERTY, A phenomenon with a social, energy, environmental or economic basis?

Children are the future, and when it comes to the protection of energy and natural resources, children are the ones to determine the future.

This view is also shared by INZEB, so the organisation welcomed the invitation of the Greek French School Saint Joseph to co-organise a session addressing the social issue of Energy Poverty. Τhe session is entitled “Energy Poverty – A phenomenon with a social, energy, environmental or economic basis?” and will take place on February 3rd, 2023, in the Saint Joseph premises while the audience will be students between 15-17 years.

The aim of the session is to inform and raise awareness of the students about the phenomenon of energy poverty and its implications on people’s lives. Specifically, through an interactive platform and through dialogue ΙΝΖΕΒ will seek answers to questions such as what energy poverty is, what are its causes and background, what are its effects on people’s lives and daily life, what are the differences and similarities of the phenomenon in developed and developing countries and what are the tools at our disposal to tackle the phenomenon.

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