Energy Efficiency Crucial for #REPowerEU Plan, says INZEB’s Managing Director

INZEB’s Managing Director, Alice Corovessi, recently made a guest appearance on “Happening in Europe” to discuss the #REPowerEU plan, hosted by ERT 1, the Greek free-to-air television channel. The goal of the plan is to save energy, produce clean energy, and diversify the EU’s energy supply, with a focus on renewable energy sources. However, during the discussion, she pointed out that energy efficiency must not be overlooked, especially in households, businesses, industry, and the public sector.

In addition, she emphasised that the building sector, which consumes over 40% of the EU’s energy, is an area that requires significant attention. The good news is that existing technologies and tools are sufficient, and the applications are easy. To ensure energy security and resilience, energy efficiency must be part of the equation.

At INZEB, it is believed that the REPowerEU plan presents a fantastic opportunity for the EU to work towards a sustainable and secure energy future.

Along with the co-discussants, find the video and watch the informative and productive discussion, here.  

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