Empowering Sustainability: Egaleo Showcases Results of CONGREGATE Energy Community Feasibility Study

The Municipality of Egaleo recently hosted an open event at the Entrepreneurship Support Centre to showcase exciting results of the technical aspects of the feasibility study for an energy community. The event was held on 2 June 2023 and was organised as part of the CONGREGATE project, in which Egaleo was one of the beneficiary municipalities. The event began with a registration session, followed by a presentation of the feasibility study for establishing and operating an energy community in Egaleo, presented by Thanasis Manoloudis from INZEB. The study highlighted the potential for sustainable energy solutions and garnered significant interest.

During the event, attendees had the opportunity to engage in an open discussion, fostering valuable insights and ideas from different perspectives. The importance of community involvement in shaping sustainable development and governance was emphasised. On a high note, representatives from INZEB provided two informative presentations. The first presentation, delivered by Thanasis Manoloudis, member of the scientific team of INZEB, highlighted the overall concept and potential of the proposed Energy Community. This presentation offered a broad perspective, demonstrating how the project aligns with the CONGREGATE project’s objectives. The second presentation, delivered by Kostas Stamboulis, focused on the technical aspects and specific results of energy simulations conducted on selected buildings. These findings reinforced the feasibility and potential benefits of implementing sustainable energy solutions in Egaleo. Following those presentations, Dr. Nikolaos Kakoyannis from ResNovae PC showcased a study on the compliance of the municipality’s sustainability indicators with European information frameworks for Sustainable Development and Governance (Environmental Social Governance). This presentation shed light on the municipality’s commitment to align with global sustainability standards, generating a positive outlook for Egaleo’s future development.

The event’s success further underscores the Municipality of Egaleo’s commitment to driving positive change through the exploration and implementation of sustainable energy initiatives.

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