Connecting Energy Poor Communities – webinar

Amid the escalating global energy crisis and soaring energy prices, the issue of energy poverty has become more pressing, amplifying hardships for vulnerable communities. Governments worldwide are navigating strategies to alleviate the burden on citizens, with a focus on supporting groups that are particularly susceptible to energy market shocks. Among these, tenants in the private rented sector have emerged as a significantly vulnerable group facing the brunt of rising energy costs and housing challenges.

The ENPOR project, initiated in 2020, has homed in on addressing energy poverty, targeting tenants as a key vulnerable demographic. This project aims to implement policies specifically tailored for the private rented sector, acknowledging the pressing need to support this overlooked group.

In an effort to shed light on potential solutions, the upcoming webinar, “Connecting Energy Poor Communities”, is poised to play a crucial role. The webinar will offer insights from experts on the concept of energy communities as a viable solution for combating energy poverty. Notably, the event will showcase experiences from Croatia and Greece, featuring Maja Bratko and Alice Corovessi as representatives from their respective countries. Their presentations will outline current situations, exemplary practices, and the necessary steps for the future.

Notably, Alice Corovessi, the Managing Director of INZEB, will provide valuable input and expertise on behalf of the organisation. INZEB’s presentation is anticipated to offer unique insights into addressing energy poverty, particularly focusing on strategies and initiatives pertinent to the Greek context.

The event is scheduled to take place on November 9 at 13:00 CET and promises to be a vital platform for discussing strategies, sharing experiences, and fostering collaborative solutions. Those interested in understanding and contributing to the discourse on energy poverty and the role of energy communities are encouraged to register for the webinar through the provided link below.

As energy poverty continues to impact the lives of many, initiatives such as the ENPOR project and discussions like those in the upcoming webinar serve as crucial steps toward a more just and inclusive energy transition. The involvement of experts, including INZEB, signifies a concerted effort to address these challenges and foster a more sustainable energy future.

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