“Clean” energy Bills for All Citizens in the EU report – Article in HeDA Business Review

The Hellenic Dutch Association’s (HeDA) Business Review of October 2022, dedicated a two-page article, written by Alice Corovessi, Managing Director, INZEB and Kyriaki Metaxa, Programme Coordinator – Ecology, Heinrich Boell Stiftung, Thessaloniki, Greece regarding “Clean” Energy Bills for All Citizens in the EU, the recently launched report.

The report “Clean” energy Bills for All Citizens in the EU, was conducted by INZEB in collaboration with Heinrich Boell Stiftung Foundation, Thessaloniki, Greece, the Consumers’ Association EKPIZO, and with the support of the European Consumer Organisation BEUC.

Conducted through a survey by INZEB, Heinrich Boell Stiftung Foundation and EKPIZO, the report was answered by experts across EU and explains the format that energy bills should have, so that they are understandable, without additional charges that do not correspond to energy consumption, such as, for example, municipal charges, TV costs, social tariff-related costs etc., presenting as well similarities and differences between 25 countries of the EU regarding the energy bills.

In May of 2022, INZEB was elected as a member of the Board of Directors, which seals a long-standing cooperation with HeDA.

Here you can find the HeDA Business Review.

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